Make Your Mark in Gainesville’s Innovation District.

The confluence of ingenuity, affordable living, and academic intelligence make our city an attractive place to launch – and to land.

The City of Gainesville is working to become the most citizen-centered local government in the US. By applying user-centered design principles to business, urban planning, quality of life, and more, Gainesville is poised to redefine what it means to be a leading American city. Quality, community, variety, and creative renewal are the values that are driving our city’s advancement. This design-led thinking is spreading throughout our community and coming to life through new cultural institutions, unique architecture, revitalized parks, and bike-friendly street design.

The University of Florida is a premier learning community. The door to its ivory tower is wide open – and only three blocks from the Square. This provides superb accessibility to academic intelligence, a key factor for many local tech startups and research firms; in fact, Gainesville boasts more publicly traded biotech companies per capita than any other city in the US. The City’s Department of Doing makes it easier than ever to start a business and develop real estate. New and established businesses are taking advantage of affordable, attractive spaces in places like the Innovation District. Combine that with an attractive cost of living, abundant natural resources, and 224 days of sunshine per year, and you’ll see why Gainesville is an ideal place for innovators and connoisseurs to put down roots and make their mark.

Abundant natural resources
Beautiful, affordable office spaces
Distinctive neighborhoods